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PESG offers a full menu of substitute staffing solutions, ranging from our full-service partnerships to our system-based technology plans. If you want to explore these options further to discover all that PESG can do for your schools, our knowledgeable team is standing by to serve you. Simply call us at 844-4MY-PESG (469-7374) or email us at for more information.

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Hundreds of Educational Professionals and School Business Officials have turned PESG’s Substitute Staffing Program, known as PESG Schoolhouse™, for world-class substitute staffing initiatives. For more than a decade, we’ve been the affordable resource for school districts who want to provide excellent substitute staffing without shortchanging their students.

In the 2014-2015 school year alone, PESG Schoolhouse™ filled over 1.15 million absences in over 4,900 schools across the country, celebrating average fill rates of 97% or higher.

Top Ten Reasons to choose PESG’s Schoolhouse™ Program:

  1. 10+ Years of Successful Service for Educational Markets
  2. Customized Staffing Solutions to Meet Your Needs
  3. Over 40 Staffing Classifications Available
  4. High Fill Rates (Average 97%-98%)
  5. Industry-Leading Substitute Training and Development Programs
  6. Full PPACA Monitoring and Compliance, with zero liability to the school district
  7. Voluntary Benefits for Employees – Zero Costs to District
  8. You Decide Who Works in Your Schools
  9. User-Friendly, Powerful Proprietary Software Platforms
  10. Best Pricing in the Industry – No Hidden Charges or Fees

In addition, PESG includes extra employee management services for your District personnel, with absolutely zero additional costs. This means your District can utilize our application, onboarding, and time/attendance systems for your internal direct hire personnel, completely free.

The Schoolhouse™ PLUS Program

Offered as an upgrade to our Schoolhouse™ Program, the PLUS program brings several additional enhancements to our traditional staffing model including A 97% FILL RATE GUARANTEE!

PESG offers Managed Services as a solution for school districts which want to improve operations and save money while retaining substitutes as employees. With PESG’s Managed Services, we help your District manage the day-to-day responsibilities and functions for your educational substitutes while you remain the Employer of Record.

In this service model the responsibilities would generally resemble the following:

PESG Provides District Provides
Recruiting Employer of Record
Screening Payroll Taxes
Training Employer Liability
Onboarding Any Healthcare Costs
Time & Attendance Any Retirement Costs
Caller System Software
Payroll & Reporting

When you choose PESG’s Managed Services, you’ll receive the essential services you need backed by the strength of PESG’s world-class systems and staff – a winning combination.

The Bottom Line

PESG continues to create innovative solutions that generate positive change in America’s schools. Increase your fill rates and keep your classrooms working so your students can enjoy education without interuption. When you choose PESG’s Educational Staffing Solutions, everyone wins.

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