Who is PESG?

PESG was born in response to a simple question asked to an overwhelmed school district administrator: “What can we do for you?” Since then, our sole focus has been to solve the problems that educators face on a daily basis. At PESG, we are driven by the possibility of creating new solutions to help schools become more efficient and better equipped to focus on what matters most: their students.

As a leading national provider of Educational Staffing and Services, PESG works with over 500 Educational Partners to supply the people, processes, and solutions they need to achieve the highest possible fill rates, ensure personnel quality, streamline internal processes, and save money. We do this with a variety of customized service level programs designed to meet every educational staffing need and offer a number of specialty divisions to answer specific challenges.

For more than a decade, PESG has served educational markets exclusively. We continue to introduce innovative solutions that create positive change for schools. Whether you need top-notch substitute staffing, academic or athletic coaching, world-class facilities management or other specialty educational services, PESG is a partner you can trust to deliver the best for your students.

Why choose us?

  • Nationally Ranked #1 Education Only Staffing Firm
  • Average National Fill Rates of 97% or Higher
  • Local Office Presence with Regional/National Strength
  • Experience Working Large Metro Districts
  • Experience Working with Small Rural Communities
  • Industry Standard Setting Technology & Security
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Program Features

Advanced Technology

Unparalleled in the staffing industry, PESG’s Homeroom system is easy to use, efficient, and accessible on any device. Enjoy streamlined access to all of your relevant information, data and reports with the click of a button.

No Fees for Direct Hiring

Want to hire from our PESG employee pool? Go for it! Our Educational Partners enjoy zero fees and no waiting periods when hiring our trained, qualified staff to serve their districts.

100% ACA Responsibility

Are healthcare costs for your substitute staff creating headaches? We can help. PESG is 100% responsible for all PPACA monitoring, compliance, and associated costs for our employees.

Over 40 Staffing Classifications

Whether you need Substitute Teachers, Food Service workers, Licensed Nurses, Administrators, or other specialists, PESG covers more than 40 different job classifications to meet every staffing need.

Local Focus, National Presence

Enjoy personal service from a dedicated service team in your Local Office backed by the support and strength of our Regional and National Calling Centers.

Customizable Service Plans

Because every school district faces unique challenges, PESG listens and offers services that are customized to meet your needs in a cost-effective manner. Save time, energy, and money so you can redirect those resources to the children you serve.

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